Movember 2014

Posted on November 5, 2014


Is it a mustache or a beard?  Either one grown during the month of November is an indication or sign of support for men’s health.  However, Movember goes well beyond a mustachioed fella or bearded gentlemen.  Movember is a movement dedicated to assisting men with three specific areas of health: testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and mental health.

Globally speaking the Movember Foundation has already established in 21 countries, 800 programs with those three specific areas of focus.  One example is the GAP (Global Action Plan). Movember Foundation funds survivorship programs along with research.  Through this funding death reduction, suffering, and support are achieved for all including families and caregivers.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation, True NTH, and LIVESTRONG are other foundations that the Movember Foundation funds and supports.  The Movember Foundation has currently donated nearly $27 million to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.  The foundation has also donated over $11 million to the LIVESTRONG Foundation.  These donations help to support innovative cancer survivorship programs.

The LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Services assist both men and their families who have been affected by either prostate or testicular cancer. The services provided are: financial assistance, counseling services, matching patient to clinical trials, and fertility preservation services. The Movember Foundation through its’ donations helps LIVESTRONG provide these services.

As for mental health Movember has three strategic goals.  Those goals include prevention, early intervention, and stigma reduction.  Prevention simply means taking steps to remain healthy.  Early intervention indicates taking the necessary and immediate actions when first diagnosed.  Stigma reduction aims for those whom are diagnosed are not discriminated upon.

Deciding to put down the razor for the month carries an important message.  If you choose to take part and show your support you can visit to see what opportunities exist beyond the mustache.  Stand by your beard.

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