The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Children with Down Syndrome

Posted on September 21, 2013

Treatment for DS is still evolving, but recent research suggests that strength, balance, and cognitive function are 3 factors that influence physical development. The abilities of children with DS can differ vastly in these 3 areas, board-certified pediatric physical therapist Venita Lovelace-Chandler, PT, PhD, PCS says that physical therapists play a key role in helping children develop strength, balance, and cognitive function. To hear Lovelace-Chandler discuss how physical therapists help children with DS please visit MoveForwardPT.

In later childhood and early adulthood, people with DS may develop other conditions such as obesity, poor cardiovascular health, thyroid dysfunction, depression, and difficulty learning tasks that require more complex movement. Physical therapists are able to work with the family and other health care providers to reduce or prevent these conditions.

APTA also offers the “Physical Therapist’s Guide to Down Syndrome” on—a free, comprehensive guide about DS, how a baby’s development might be affected by DS, what to consider when looking for a physical therapist, and how a physical therapist can help your child.

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To view a testimonial of how Physical Therapy plays a key role click here.

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