Dallastown Middle School Career Week 2015

Posted on January 30, 2015

Advantage Physical Therapy participates in Dallastown Middle School’s Career Week 2015, “Career Pathways to Your Future.”

On January 28, 2015 Dr. Lisa Kemp, PT and Darren Kemp, PTA, Personal Trainer and Certified Pose Running Specialist, & Owner of Crossfit CDI, continued their yearly support of the Dallastown Area Middle School 8th grade student presentation “Career Pathways to your Future” at DAMS. This was an especially exciting year as they had a very special 8th grade student in the audience; their middle child; who is, by the way, excitedly interested in pursuing a medical career opportunity.

Dr. And Mr. Kemp presented information regarding their respective career fields using the 2 minute career overview format followed by an interactive opportunity demonstrating various PT equipment used in the outpatient Physical Therapy setting. Their most interactive and intriguing piece of equipment of all presented, continues to be the Dynadisc. A year after year winner!

The Dynadisc is a balance evaluative/training device filled with air and used in therapy sessions to evaluate and train balance issues for the various client populations they treat.

The students learned about their own balance challenges and saw the importance of the three components of balance when one or more was removed/challenged. (Visual/Eyes, Vestibular/Inner Ears, Proprioception/Surface input change(Dynadisc). Neuropt

Dr. and Mr. Kemp enjoyed the opportunity to share their careers with the students again. They are grateful for the opportunity to help others learn about their field and the enrichment it can bring to themselves and others they treat. They welcome students with interest in the field of Physical Therapy to contact Advantage to learn more about the opportunities to SHADOW a PT/PTA to gain insight into the specifics of the profession …

… please contact our York Twp. Location, 717-840-1874, or email us at info1@GetTheAdvantage.org to get your shadowing opportunity scheduled today!

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