Interview Day at Dallastown Area High School

Posted on June 4, 2015

wildcatInterviewing doesn’t have to be an awkward or uncomfortable experience. With a little practice and some tips from local area businesses students gain the insight needed to perk up their smile and deliver their best on interview day to help them land the job.

On Interview Day, Thursday June 4, 2015, Dr. Kemp and Mr. Kemp had the pleasure of sitting down with sophomore’s from the DAHS to review their prepared resumes for a prospective career area of interest, hear them speak of their interests in a question and answer format, learn of their body language impression, and how their facial affect was received. In addition, they were encouraged to relate their school experiences, with sports, clubs and other activities in their preparedness for the “applied” job position. Students were then provided helpful constructive feedback in these and many other categories to provide them tips and insight into how they presented and how they might bring out their best qualities/skills during an interview.

Students are provided a 10-15 minute interview and the remaining time 5-10 minutes is used for additional questions and feedback on how the student can improve his/her interviewing skills. The students are an amazing bunch and actually do a great job with this activity. The DAHS English teachers along with the community HR professionals are preparing these students early and arming them with great insight as it shows on Interview Day!

Dr. Kemp met many students who have entrepreneurial spirit, great smiles, and a strong interest in pursuing their respective dreams and interests. It is her understanding that many students can be hired by community businesses during this day too!

“I continue to be inspired by the opportunities that are offered to “our” children, (DASD) to help them encounter a better tomorrow. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share in this experience”- Dr. Kemp, PT.

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