Health & Wellness

The Advantage Physical Therapy Wellness Program is designed to bridge the gap between the healthcare and fitness industries, offering affordable, semi-supervised fitness programs for people at ALL fitness levels. Each program is tailored to meet your goals while considering your current medical conditions.

Are you someone who has done well with physical therapy and has reached the end of your benefits for the year? We can provide a unique solution to this with post-rehabilitation training. Our staff will construct a personalized exercise program to bridge the gap between physical therapy to a semi-supervised exercise routine.

Exercise can elevate your energy levels and improve many different medical conditions, from diabetes and heart disease, to arthritis and weight management, to an orthopedic condition or a weekend injury.

Whether you want to continue your exercise program after discharge from Physical Therapy or prepare for an upcoming surgery, let us help you maximize your recovery and results! Why join a gym when you can get expert medical advice?

Physical Therapy and a good Wellness Program can enhance your quality of life!